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Reasonable to success and well-being!


  • Developing a viable enterprise digitalization roadmap and helping to implement it

  • Improving the efficiency of enterprises through process optimization and the application of digital tools

  • Help provide co-financing for digitalization and enterprise development projects


Our team has been offering consulting services since 1999. Since 2010 we specialize in optimizing business processes and their digitalization.


Vladimir Maslov

Mark Maslov

Diana Maslova


Provide consulting services to support the development and digitalization of the company, through the digital transformation of their processes. Improve performance and provide co-funding. Combine these various services within Maslov Consulting. For partner companies, ensure the creation of competitive advantage, through customized solutions and the digitalization of their entire supply chain.


By 2030 we want to be among the leaders in the digitalization of the company contributing to its surplus value indicator


Result-oriented. We take on only those projects that can be of use to our clients.

We have an extensive database of experts in various fields, whom we engage when necessary to solve specialized problems.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the needs and capabilities of our

We do not resell or broker with any digital tool vendors. We have no conflict of interest, we offer
our customers the solutions that best suit them.

We are constantly improving, deepening, and expanding our knowledge and expertise through education, training, research applied and scientific publications.


  • We conduct diagnostics of the company’s management system and maintenance of the company’s «product» production processes;

  • We cooperate with the enterprise specialists in order to propose solutions to improve the management and administration, and to reduce resource losses;

  • We prepare a road map for automation of the enterprise management system and the manufacturing process;

  • We propose and serve the raising of grant funds to support the digitalization of the management and robotization in the production of the Company’s «products» and services.

  • Offer a fundamentally new model of ownership relationships in business and a system of partnership relations between employees in the management of the company or organization.

  • Engage the capabilities and competencies of our partner software developers for enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), process robotization and other digital solutions. Strengthen cybersecurity of enterprise systems, based on ISO 27002 standard.

  • Offer project management services where our employees and partners perform the roles of analyst, project manager, quality manager, developer.

  • We organize the processes of training and mastering of competencies and skills necessary to use the results of automation, digitalization and robotization.


List of some of our customers in the past 5 years, whom we have consulted on process optimization and digitalization.

food industry

process optimization

mechanical engineering and metal fabrication

preparing the digitalization roadmap

food industry

Preparation of the digitalization roadmap


industrial repair

process optimization

mechanical engineering

preparation of the digitalisation roadmap

mechanical engineering

preparing the digitalisation roadmap

mechanical engineering

preparing the digitalization roadmap


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